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Under the Radar: India’s Mid-Cap and Small-Cap Equities

Indian stock markets have been one of the worst performers in 2011 – worse than their BRIC peers, worse than the rest of Asia and far worse than the US with the leading indices declining about 25% during the year.  Foreign investors in India have also suffered substantial declines of nearly 20% in INR currency value.
There appear to be several reasons for the market’s dislike for Indian equities in 2011, which include persistent inflation (including food inflation, which constitutes the major proportion of the typical Indian household), political paralysis (e.g. rollback of foreign investment in retail etc.) and global concerns about the solvency of several Eurozone countries.
As a result, estimated GDP growth for the next financial year has been revised downwards from about 8% earlier in the year to about 6% now - with many market commentators wondering whether this rate of growth is India’s ‘new normal’.  This is still, however, substantially higher than global average.
The world h…